At the beginning of the year, Pastor asked everyone in church to take an expectation card and put their expectation for the year on the card. I put on the expectation card Promotion and a House. To be honest when I did that I was not sure it was going to happen as fast as it did, Through the middle of the year we stood on the messages on faith that was being taught in church and believed God for a miracle. I checked my credit report and it was poor, but I did not allow that to distract me, by the following month of July and August my credit report miraculously moved from poor to excellent, the bank did not believe my credit score could be that excellent because they have not seen anything like that before as a result of that, they did 4 hard searches on me and it came out still excellent. After that the bank approved my mortgage and today to God be all the Glory, I have been promoted and God has given my family and I a big house. God is too faithful.