Don’t be Left Behind during the 40 Days of Glory. Get involved, don’t isolate yourself.

The devil’s number one strategy is to isolate you, so he can destroy you.

God is constantly moving and doing new things. God has never stopped doing wonders among His children.

The Holy Spirit has signalled the 40 Days of Glory for us at Solution Chapel International and we are all going on a 40 days of prayer and fasting.

But just like the children of Israel, some decided to stay in Egypt during their deliverance from bondage.

It is sad to note that during the time of freedom from bondage and destruction, some people decided to stay behind.

Some even accused Moses their deliverer, questioning why he brought them out of Egypt.

Let me remind you again, don’t be left behind


1- Because they are not Serious with God
2- Because they are living in Sin
3- Because they have become familiar with the things of God
4- Because they are walking in Unforgiveness
5- Because they are not Sensitive to the Holy Spirit

My prayer for you in this awesome season we have entered into is not to be left behind.

Humble yourself, walk in obedience and follow the instructions with regards to the 40 days of Glory.

God only exalts the humble

Jesus said why do you call me Lord Lord and do not do the things I say?

God expects us to be obedient to His word so we can eat the go of the land.

I look forward and expect every single member of Solution Chapel International to be involved in the 40 Days of Glory, so the whole church can flow in the Glory of God.

As your Pastor, I don’t want one side of the church to grow stronger whilst another side of the church is growing weaker.

The only way we can all grow stronger together is to all eat the same meal the Holy Spirit is giving us in this season of 40 Days of Glory.

If you don’t have the details of the prayer meetings, please call the church office on 07938494294

It is time for all of us to give ourselves wholly

Give Yourself Wholly – Part 3

When we put our hands to the kingdom of God, we don’t hold back or look behind. We focus on what Jesus has placed before us.

God bless you

Pastor Adama Segbedji

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