Addictive Love


Addictive Love is a must have book for everyone. This new book by Adama Segbedji is very captivating and will inspire each reader to new levels of love.

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Addictive Love is the latest book by Adama Segbedji that is life transforming. This book will help you move in the most powerful force on earth today. Adama Segbedji reveals through the book the power of Love and shares deep revelations on what the love of God is and how to operate in it. This is a must read book for all, so grab a copy today and become all that God has ordained you to be.

Adama Segbedji is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Solution International Christian Centre with over 6 branches across the United Kingdom and South Africa. He has written several books related to subjects on Leadership, Grace, Favour and the Kingdom of God. His Solution Word broadcast is on several radio stations across the world with over 100 million listeners across the globe.


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