Welcome to 40 Days of Glory 2020

Glory be to God. We are officially starting our 40 Days of Glory today with daily prayer points on our website www.solutionchapel.org on the latest news page, spread throughout the day to help you remain prayerful and focused during the 40 days of Prayer and fasting.

We start the fast from 6am to 6pm daily and we gather corporately to pray every evening from 8pm. To join the prayer meeting please call the church office on WhattsApp +447938 494 294

Be expectant daily during the 40 Days of Glory. Everything you trust God for will be delivered instantly during this season and beyond.

So I welcome you and your family on this glorious spiritual journey that will make a mark in your lives that cannot be erased.

During the time of the 40 Days of Glory it is important to stay spiritually sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will be giving you specific instructions that you need to follow to breakthrough in this season.

Avoid any environment that will contaminate the flow of the voice of the Holy Spirit in your life.

For your 40 Days of Glory to be effective, you must constantly engage the altar of prayer, fasting, the reading of the Holy Bible and watching messages that will help empower you during the time of prayer and fasting.


Seek God diligently and He will reward you openly. Many shall have major generational testimonies during the 40 Days of Glory in the mighty name of Jesus

I love you all

Remember you are The Solution to the Nations

Adama Segbedji

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